Imagine working for an organisation where you’re involved with developing software for managing satellite programmes; engineering life support systems to help submariners breathe underwater; supporting consultancy services that help guide the future of underwater battlespace; or part of a team setting the roadmap for green energy,

Are you driven?

We actively look to recruit graduates across many positions to help us in our aspiration to shape a safer and more secure world.

We look for people with that are naturally both curious and team players – with energy, drive, strong analytical skills and the ability to thrive on pressure. 

TP Group is at the cutting edge of technology within the Aerospace and Defence, sectors and we are looking for people to join us on the journey.

Joining us

You’ll need to be eligible to work in the UK on a permanent basis and, in some part of our business, be able to satisfy the MOD’s security requirements. 

To find out more, please contact us at

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