• A clearly defined growth strategy
    Focusing on business at which TP Group excels and eliminate non-profitable activities.

  • Exceptional sector expertise
    TP Group are trusted providers of the most complex, mission, business and safety critical projects for the aerospace, energy and defence sectors.

  • Impeccable track record and loyal customer base
    Excellent track record and approach of working alongside clients rather than directing them, has built loyalty and trust from across the industry.

  • Successful expansion into new markets via acquisition
    Proven ability to integrate and add value to acquisitions, providing cross-selling opportunities while enabling consultants to widen expertise and service new markets.

    AI Software brings transformational growth opportunities
    Advanced, AI algorithms currently being deployed with big data for decision support and autonomy.

  • Huge market opportunity – The industries in which TP Group operates are investing heavily while rapidly digitising and integrating, leading to significant opportunity

  • Transitioning to higher value, higher margin business
    TP Group is focusing on the higher margin elements of its business, driving the bottom line.
  • Leadership position in the emerging clean energy, hydrogen market
    TP Group is one of the most experienced manufacturers of hydrogen energy solutions during a period of significant interest in the sector.
  • Experienced Management Team
    Experienced and proven leadership team with a track record of consistently delivering growth.