Trusted partner

Delivering market-leading technical and domain expertise across land, sea, air, space and cyber, TP Group collaborates with its clients and partners to advance mission and safety critical systems and solutions.

We are relied upon to help them accelerate next-generation technology, achieve greater efficiency across their operations, and to solve their most pressing issues.

Our people are specialists in their fields, drawn from a variety of backgrounds including industry and the armed forces, and bring a holistic and innovative approach to our work. In addition to our in-house expertise, we have developed a network of consultants that enables us to further flex our enviable capabilities.

We work on some of the biggest defence programmes including SKYNET, and are the industry adviser on MDIS, one of the MOD’s exciting new programmes focused on developing drone swarm technology.


Our Consulting and Programmes team provides systems engineering for complex military platforms such as submarines which rely upon a ‘single-point-of-truth’ model to capture and maintain a complex system design including hardware, software and firmware.

We design, deliver and support new capability and critical applications through their operational life, assuring secure performance.


We work as a trusted partner to our defence customers in the air domain.

We offer a full systems life-cycle capability from project inception to final flight qualification coupled with solutions using advancing technologies and world-class services.


We provide critical secure and tactical communications and support vital projects ranging from mission planning and situation awareness through to mission debriefing.


We provide customer-side advice, analysis and assurance on costing, systems and technology for the Space domain. We are currently working with the UK Government on a multi-£Bn UK military satellite project and providing satellite system and technology consultancy for commercial satellite constellation procurement.


Our expertise and experience helps our clients to build digital resilience so they can face the future with greater certainty. We recognise that the path to digital resilience requires a shift in approach from reactive to proactive cyber security.

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