AI Digital Showcase at ADIPEC 2021

tpgroup is showcasing its advanced AI digital capability at ADIPEC 2021, a global exhibition which annually brings together the companies, decision and policy makers that shape the world’s oil and gas supply. ADIPEC takes place from 15 to 18 November 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

Visitors can see first-hand how tpgroup’s artificial intelligence (AI) advancements can help organisations to reduce production costs and achieve more efficient surveying and support operations.

OptiOil: Optimising production at a reduced cost

As the energy sector looks to recover post pandemic, visitors can see first-hand how OptiOil is supporting organisations to optimise production and improve efficiency. OptiOil brings together Optimiser, tpgroup’s AI decision-support tool, with our regional technology partner gDi’s user-friendly interface. This enables a rapid understanding of the operational landscape and achieve optimal production and rig utilisation while minimising cost and time. The accuracy of Optioil, and ability to rerun variations of scenarios in a matter of seconds, provides oil and gas teams with a powerful tool in an increasingly competitive market.

Northstar: Optimising support & surveying fleet operations

Northstar can help you reduce the cost of running operational-critical vessels and subsea platforms used for maintenance, supplies and surveying. Northstar optimises the route for single or multiple platforms to achieve objectives from the fastest route to lowest carbon emissions. The software is agnostic and can be used on crewed and uncrewed platforms. Northstar reacts in real-time to protect the platform from possible collisions and changing weather patterns. It also operates in GPS-denied environments.

Westek hardware for the most challenging environments

Recognising the challenges of software-based communications within the often harsh and remote environments of the oil and gas industry, tpgroup’s Westek subsidiary produces a range of ruggedised servers and laptops.  This ensures your people have the tools to communicate and operate wherever they are.

Please contact us at if you would like to meet us ADIPEC or discuss our capabilities further.

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