Celebrating World Space Week

tpgroup is proud to celebrate World Space Week (WSW), a UN-declared annual international celebration of science and technology. It is the largest space event globally, with participants from over 90 countries. In 2021, WSW’s theme is ‘Women in Space’.

We have an extensive footprint across the space sector which includes embedded multi-disciplinary support for the multi-billion SKYNET Programme, and capabilities spanning workforce services, expert software solutions for space missions as well as safety cases for Space projects.

Supporting Space programmes

SKYNET Programme:  Providing embedded multi-disciplinary support for the MOD’s multi-billion SKYNET Programme. The programme covers It covers the operation of the UK’s constellation of satellites and ground stations, and the provision and management of ground terminal infrastructure

We are advancing software to support the Space industry, now and in the future:

Supporting space missions: Eclipse is being used to support Airbus space projects

Future application – AI for Space debris: Looking at how Northstar, our advanced AI software suite, could help to reduce space traffic 

We are proud to be at the forefront of New Space, working on projects that include:

Space Hub Sutherland: Supporting the development of what is likely to be the UK’s first commercial vertical launch facility 
Consortium led review of the Space Industry Act 2018: Osprey recently led an industry consortium to review the draft legislative framework that will underpin the UK’s commercial spaceflight ambitions
Independent assurance of a sub-orbital launch vehicle – Working with Skyrora Ltd, a space launch company, to provide independent assurance of the Skylark L sub-orbital launch vehicle safety case

Our people in Space

Our people are involved on some of the most significant space programmes from the MoD multi-billion pound SKYNET Programme through to developing an operational satellite system that can enable accurate monitoring of climate and air composition,

Emilia Barbagallo

EGSE Software Engineer for the European Space Research and Technology Centre,  based in the Netherlands.

Martina Aste

Programme / Project Controller at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk

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