International Women in Engineering day

Inventors and innovators

This year’s theme for the International Women in Engineering Day is Inventors and Innovators.

We’re celebrating the amazing work that our engineers, and those that support them, are doing to drive forward innovation and build a brighter future.

Our engineers make a difference to those operating in mission-critical environments – from enabling submariners to breathe for prolonged periods below sea to helping transform the communications for frontline operations.

Developing our future leaders

We believe in developing our people to achieve their potential – now and in future . We want to give them the skills set that supports them now and in the future – understanding their aspirations and development requirements.

This development is critical to building on the innovative culture that we have created at tpgroup. This is focused on advancing technologies and world class services to deliver on our vision to make the world safer – and helping our customers to meet their most demanding challenges.

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