Launching our UK STEM programme

At tpgroup, we’re passionate about the importance of inspiring the next generation of future talent. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of tpgroup’s UK Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programme.

Our purpose:

The tpgroup STEM Working Group will develop and establish a STEM Programme in the workforce that will support communities and learning centres across the UK.

Our mission statement:

We pledge to support the UK STEM future talent, sharing our incredible range of skills, knowledge and experience. We will strive to deliver an engaging STEM programme that will assist UK communities.


The tpgroup UK STEM Working group has been established to support 4 key objectives:

  • Develop STEM Career Awareness
  • Identify and grow our STEM strategic partners
  • Determine further initiatives to support the UK STEM Programme
  • Provide effective internal & external communications

LEGO Mindstorm

The launch of our programme comes in the form of our first initiative – a donation of LEGO Mindstorm Core Kits to Keinton Mandeville Primary School (KMPS), Wincanton.

By providing six sets of the LEGO Mindstorm Core kits, KMPS have been able to incorporate the robots into their core curriculum (whereas before they were only able to run an after-school club), to teach children physical sequencing programming.

This resource will take the children’s learning to a new level, enabling them to create variables and sensors (not just variables from keyboard inputs, but from the world around the robots).

Andrew Shakesby, Headmaster of KMPS (pictured above right) said:
tpgroup have provided the school, and children an opportunity to access the resources and learning that otherwise couldn’t have been provided.

“KMPS are heavily focused in STEM at the moment, it is the future for a lot of the children, working in these types of environments. These LEGO Robots will enable the children to access new knowledge. The school would like to say an enormous thank you to tpgroup, for providing them with this opportunity. ”

Lorraine Pullen, tpgroup‘s Head of Marketing & Communications, said: “We’re passionate about our colleagues across tpgroup inspiring the younger generation by sharing their knowledge of science, engineering and mathematics.

“When our consultant Warren Lee (pictured above left), from our local Wincanton facility, approached us to support an after-school club at Keinton Mandeville Primary School, we jumped at the chance! Our donation of the ‘Mindstorm Lego Robots’ will be the first step we take to kick-start this exciting programme and we are really looking forward to what the future holds.”

“tpgroup have provided the school, and children an opportunity to access the resources and learning that otherwise couldn’t have been provided. ”

Andrew Shakesby, Headmaster of KMPS

If you would have any questions about this initiative, or would like to find out more about how else we support the community, please email us at

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