Net Zero Week 2021

tpgroup is proud to support Net Zero Week 2020, the first official national awareness week for all things net zero.  This annual event is a government-supported initiative to generate awareness and momentum across the UK on the journey to decarbonisation.

It takes place for the first time in 2021, three months before the UK hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November this year.

Supporting net zero

Like many organisations, we recognise that we are at an early stage on the journey to net zero and have made some steps forward.

Many of our businesses are accredited to ISO 14001, which is the environmental management system. We are also currently engaging with external advisors to look at our carbon footprint across the Group and understand how we can offset this in a balanced way without impacting the performance of the business.

Across the Group, our services are helping to advance net zero from green energy for trains through to working with industry partners and academia to advance technology around carbon capture. In 2020, our work in the renewables area was recognised with the award of the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark. Read about our work below

Clean fuels for trains

tpgroup is providing the hydrogen fuel cell systems that will power the production version of the HydroFLEX – the UK’s first hydrogen train. The contract is with British rolling stock owner Porterbrook, and is part of an initiative that aims to show how hydrogen powered trains can be safely and efficiently operated for future public transport. HydroFLEX is to be showcased on an international stage at the COP26.

Supporting the MOD to net zero

tpgroup have used cost-estimating techniques to understand the current and future fossil fuel needs of the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).  Our study incorporated a review of previous science and technology research and trials into the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.  Over 200 fuel efficiency and alternative energy options were identified, covering equipment throughout the air, land and maritime domains and Defence infrastructure.

Innovating to capture CO2

tpgroup is committed to accelerating ever more innovative ways to capture CO2. In addition to a roadmap of investment, international partnerships and licensing agreements, it’s also the industry partner on innovative carbon programmes with universities that include Brunel and Cambridge. One of these programmes is SeaCure that uses a process – similar to capturing the CO2 bubbles in a fizzy drink – to remove carbon from seawater.

Enabling offshore wind projects

We have assisted over 950 wind farms to address their issues on aviation. One of our most recent success stories is our proud association with the Neart na Gaoithe project team to achieve major aviation-related milestones in developing the airspace solution to enable their offshore wind development project to move forward without an aviation based objection.

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