Sponsoring Underwater Defence Security 2020

tpgroup is proud to sponsor UDS which takes place at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton from 3rd – 5th March 2020. The international 3-day conference and exhibition brings together military officers, government officials and industry representatives to learn about new trends, discuss their new capabilities and further their knowledge of the underwater domain.

Our sponsorship covers the Focus Day Drinks Reception where we very much look forward to meeting up with our customers and partners in what should be a very successful event.

tpgroup and the underwater defence and security market

Our long heritage in supporting this market means that we are constantly looking to new technology to support our customers – developing mission critical solutions that keep submariners and other personnel safer whilst optimising performance and efficiency.

Latest technology and innovation

We have developed North*, our integrated technology suite, which combines digital world building with a toolbox of autonomy and spatial modelling and can be applied to solve many complex problems – regardless of platform. North* can be developed for a number of applications including improving fleet availability, enabling quicker effective decision-making and delivering a dynamic autonomous navigation system.

Recognising the challenges of communication and operations of military deployment in increasingly hostile environments, our Westek subsidiary produces a range of rugged IT solutions. This includes Westek’s high quality, high availability 19 inch rack mount military and industrial computer servers and RAID data storage systems. These are designed for the world’s most challenging environments, and are proven in meeting challenging military and security requirements

Market-leading life support systems

tpgroup’s market-leading life support systems has led to worldwide adoption from the UK nuclear submarines to many other diesel-electric fleets. Our technology, tested to the highest performance and reliability, ensures better air quality for personnel working in enclosed environments – hundreds of metres below sea level such as submarines, hyperbaric chambers, diving applications and small submersibles. Further, our designs minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges – making them quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect.

The most recent advancement is a new series of non-regenerative carbon dioxide (CO2) scrubbers which brings together TP Group’s heritage in the design, build and support of submarine atmosphere control with U.S. based Micropore’s patented compact technology. It vitally supports the existing regenerative systems using absorbents such as MEA and Solid Amine, meaning it can be fitted to any underwater application and used tactically to manage spot or local peaks of CO2 – without having to invest in upgrades to the regenerative systems.

Complex system engineering

Our Consulting and Programmes team provides systems engineering for complex military platforms such as submarines which rely upon a ‘single-point-of-truth’ model to capture and maintain a complex system design including hardware, software and firmware. We design, deliver and support new capability and critical applications through-life, assuring secure performance.

Our services extend to many areas of the design, support and efficiency around submarines and other underwater vessels and equipment to meet current and future challenges. This includes:

  • Chilled water plants with reduced pipework and increased energy efficiency
  • TEXVENT™ a flexible HVAC system that is an easy to install, cost efficient textile ducting system currently used on Royal Navy submarines and Type 23 Frigates
  • Tactical Picture Generator expertise in re-engineering source code and documentation to integrate with other systems
  • Sonar systems expertise in providing consultancy and software engineering services in the design definition and engineering development phases
  • Active Intercept Recording Systems & Analysis – providing independent system assurance and new operational knowledge
  • Information Assurance Solutions – enabling secure transmission of permitted data
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