05 Nov 2020
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Government award for groundbreaking decarbonisation research program

A Future Leaders Fellowship has been awarded to the University of Cambridge for carbon capture research work led by Dr Alex Forse. tpgroup is supporting the project by providing access to its expertise, experience and facilities in gas management systems – and guiding the team on bringing new technology to the market.

The research work will focus on developing electrochemical carbon dioxide capture as a more energy-efficient capture process than traditional carbon capture, and will develop new materials that can accelerate emission reductions – helping to meet the 2050 climate targets. Dr Forse is one of a number of world-class research and innovation leaders across the UK to be recognised within the Future Leaders Fellowships, the UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) flagship scheme. The award enables researchers like Dr Forse to tackle challenging research and innovation, and awardees receive between £400,000 and £1.5M over an initial four years.

This is tpgroup’s first collaboration with the University of Cambridge and its support will help the university team to translate how new technology, emerging from the research, can be developed for and used by industry. The university will benefit from access to tpgroup’s expertise and experience around carbon capture and water electrolysis and as well as the workshop facilities within its Gas Technology Centre. This support may involve trials of new technology arising from the fellowship.

This industry support can be critical to technology adoption and in accessing grants, and forms part of the tpgroup Innovation & Technology program to support cutting edge technology aiming to make the world safer.

“This is fantastic news for everyone involved. This award demonstrates the significance of the program and its potential in helping to tackle the climate crisis and we are delighted to be the industry partner helping to shape new technology for future industry adoption. This is our first project with the University of Cambridge and we hope to build on this collaboration with further programs and future joint PHD studentships.”

Jon Constable, tpgroup’s Director of Technology & Engineering

“We’re really excited to partner with tpgroup on this future leaders fellowship. Our goal is to develop new technology, all the way from the lab to industry, and tpgroup‘s decades of expertise in developing carbon capture and electrochemical technologies will be invaluable here.”

Dr Alex Forse, Materials Chemistry Lecturer at Cambridge University
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