03 Jun 2019
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Nanotechnology Licence For Carbon Dioxide Treatment

TP Group (AIM: TPG), the specialist services and engineering group, has entered into a nine year exclusive licensing agreement with Batelle Inc., to be a technology partner for their innovative nanotechnology material, SAMMS (the “Agreement”). The Agreement enables TP Group to develop and deploy carbon dioxide (CO2) removal equipment for transportation and life support systems in ground, marine, air and space vehicles.

Batelle Inc. is a global research and development organisation, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio in the United States. Their facility at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has produced a new nanostructured sorbent material. SAMMS was originally developed under funding from the US Department of Energy to bind mercury from contaminated groundwater. It has many other applications including the treatment of carbon dioxide.

It is intended that the SAMMS material will be used as the basis for an alternative approach to management of carbon dioxide levels in confined spaces. The new systems are designed to offer a technological and performance boost in this application as the sand-like material differs from existing treatments in either solid or liquid form and eliminates certain of their environmental and operational issues.

TP Group will continue to work with the traditional systems that it has supplied to many global customers, with the new systems sitting alongside these to provide a more comprehensive range of options in this field.

“This Agreement demonstrates our continued and successful investment in technology development and adoption to deliver the most advanced solutions to our customers whilst also allowing them to select from a range of options to find the one that best suits their long-term operational needs. “It is part of TP Group’s strategy to develop a Centre of Excellence for gas and fluid management systems – specifically arising from our historical strength in CO2 capture. This Agreement complements our partnership with Micropore Inc. and contributes to the Group’s plan to be a trusted provider of a range of compact, high-performance equipment with many applications in the defence, space and global energy sectors.”

Phil Cartmell, Chief Executive Officer of TP Group

Notes to Editors

TP Group designs and develops advanced technologies, engineers complex equipment and systems, and provides support throughout their operational life. The Company’s shares have been traded on AIM since July 2001.

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