01 Feb 2021
Press Releases

tpgroup joins the UK’s policy body for the Internet and technology sector

tpgroup is pleased to announce that it has joined the Digital Policy Alliance (DPA) which provides an independent voice for the UK’s internet and technology sector. DPA, formerly known as EURIM, informs Government policy and decision-makers on digitally related topics – working for a competitive, inclusive, networked society.

Having evolved its Digital business, tpgroup is now at the forefront of developing software that increases understanding and enables faster decision making for clients operating in complex and dynamic environments.  tpgroup’s software ranges from solutions that can safely navigate an unmanned vehicle or vessel in challenging environments, to optimising production within the Energy sector, to delivering highly regulated programmes – entirely online.  This expertise, coupled with its capability to assure that the software will consistently behave as the customer expects it to, makes tpgroup ideally placed, as part of the DPA, to provide understanding and guidance across multiple sectors.

DPA works collaboratively across organisational and cross-sector boundaries to produce informed, representative and authoritative publications. This is based on practical experience and insight – proposing and reviewing proposals for government policy, legislation and regulation as it applies to the UK. The organisation brings together a network of alliances with policy bodies, academia, charitable organisations, industry groupings, central, local and regional governments, and other membership organisations.

“We look forward to playing an active role on the DPA’s Managing Council to inform the UK’s policy and approach around digital developments. We believe that new technologies have an increasingly important role to play in advancing how we work, live and play – but requires an understanding of the pace and measures that need to be put in place to achieve this.”   

Luke Tucker, tpgroup’s Group Consulting & Services Director

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