29 Sep 2020
Press Releases

tpgroup joins the UK’s space trade body to build on its market footprint

tpgroup is delighted to announce that it has joined UKspace, the UK’s space trade association which represents the British space industry to government and other key stakeholders – nationally and internationally.

Space is a key market for tpgroup, having delivered significant growth for us in recent years coupled with 25-years’ experience in engagement with intergovernmental and national agencies, Tier-1 system integrators, system suppliers, scientific institutes and start-ups.

Our services include customer-side advice, analysis and assurance on costing, systems and technology, critical software, workforce services, rugged electronics well as developing applied artificial intelligence to solve complex problems. The breadth of our experience includes multi-disciplinary support for the UK MOD’s multi-£Bn SKYNET programme through supporting a range of European Space Agency programmes across many ESA sites. 

Said Steve Wallace, Group Solutions Director, “With space recognised as a government priority sector, we believe that this is a critical time to build on our footprint within the market – expanding our capabilities to meet the growing market needs and playing our part in meeting the ambitious target set by the UK to achieve 10% of the world space market by 2030.  

“UKspace provides an important platform for us to achieve this, from supporting engagement with key stakeholders through to showcasing how we can add value across the whole UK supply chain. We look forward to playing an active part in UKspace and as part of this vibrant community.”

To find more about UKspace, please click here.

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