Advancing ventilation systems

TEXVENT™ is a patented total textile ventilation technology system that meets the requirements of mission and operation critical environments, from naval platforms to field hospitals. TEXVENT™ diffuses air at low speed through the duct’s porous textile wall and dedicated slots. This air diffusion method provides homogenous ventilation with no hot spots, enabling a draught free environment that is more comfortable for personnel.

The synthetic high quality porous textile is manufactured using flame-retardant material, rigorously tested by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) ; the Italian classification society in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Fire Test Procedure Code, and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations.

This system achieves an efficient, cost-effective, extremely quiet, and easy to install ventilation system – as an alternative or replacement for traditional hard
ducting. This versatility enables customers to keep pace with changes including increased out of area operations, and higher thermal loads experienced when fitting additional electrical equipment.

Delivering benefits

TEXVENT™ is an advanced ventilation system offering:

  • 25% energy savings
  • 93% lighter than metal ducts
  • Secondary filtration: further improving quality of air supplied
  • Easily maintainable: detachable and washable
  • Noise reduction: air diffused uniformly at much lower velocity
  • Low space requirements and easy to fit : ducts can be compressed, twisted and passed through existing piping
  • Greater safety: no risks of shock injuries
  • Less design resources required

A heritage in supporting life

TEXVENT™ forms part of our customised offering to customers looking for a high performing and flexible ventilation system.

The business has over 50-years’ experience of designing, developing and manufacturing atmosphere management and life support systems for submarines and other critical applications. We are trusted to supply equipment to naval fleets across the world and have developed a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements – from the technical and scientific applications through to the tactical and strategic demands placed upon these vessels.

We have the capability to design, manufacture and install tailor-made full textile ducting systems to meet your compartment ‘s specification and ventilation requirement. This includes both distribution and anti-condensation transfer ducts, as well as all interfaces and fittings to connect the textile system to the rest of your HVAC system.

Suitable for operation and mission critical application

TEXVENT™ offers the flexibility and versatility to meet a range of applications including:

  • Surface ships
  • Submarines
  • Manned military vehicles
  • Laboratory environments
  • Warehousing
  • Military hospitals
  • MOD facilities
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