Delivering resilient solutions for a safer world

Our vision is to shape a more secure world. We work on resilient solutions that support our customers to transform how they operate – improving safety and performance whilst reducing their carbon footprint.

We operate through two complimentary value streams: Consulting; and Atmosphere Management Systems.


We work in partnership with national government bodies, international institutions and global prime contractors on enterprise transformation, feasibility analysis, system engineering, programme delivery and support.

Bespoke engineering solutions

We develop life-support systems in critical workspaces, hydrogen-based renewable energy solutions, water purification, rugged electronics for harsh environments and precision engineering of high-integrity equipment.

Innovation & technology

Discover how we are advancing our technology and services to benefit our customers. We are focussed on delivering resiliant and innovative solutions from artificial intelligence to clean energy systems.

Our value proposition

We combine a proven collaborative approach with market leading engineering, technology and services capabilities to provide resilient solutions for our customers’ most pressing challenges – with the assurance that they will work when critically needed.

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