Atmosphere management system heritage

tpgroup‘s Maritime business has over 50-years’ experience of designing, developing and manufacturing atmosphere management and life support systems for submarines and other critical applications.

We supply equipment to naval fleets across the world and have developed a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements – from the technical and scientific applications through to the tactical and strategic demands placed upon these vessels.

We are proud of our relationship with the Royal Navy, supplying atmosphere management systems since the 1960’s and supporting the United Kingdom’s Continuous At Sea Deterrent (CASD) which helps to ensure the nation stays safe

Supporting critical operations below sea

Our systems are in place on the world’s most technically advanced submarines allowing the vessels to stay submerged for longer and operate more stealthily than ever before. Our systems can be designed for the latest submarines or retrofitted to replace existing equipment.

We have continued to evolve compact equipment that offer exceptional reliability, are easy to maintain in situ, and quiet in operation. Our services cover life support system design and manufacturing through to testing and through-life support.

Our systems are platform agnostic and are in service with many of the world’s navies on:

  • Nuclear powered platforms
  • Air Independent Propulsion platforms,
  • Conventional diesel electric platforms.

Complete closed atmosphere control solutions for submarines

An optimal atmosphere for life

The atmosphere management systems within a submarine are critical – assuming importance equal to the propulsion, navigation systems and weapons. 

Our atmosphere management systems ensure that a submarine’s atmosphere is always safe to breathe. We provide the required balance to achieve an optimal atmosphere for life and work aboard the vessel.

Oxygen generating equipment

Our electrolysers produce extremely pure oxygen from sea water to deliver refreshed breathable air as part of the environmental management system – allowing submarines to remain submerged for extended periods.

We supply oxygen generating equipment to a number of the world’s navies. For the most advanced nuclear-powered platforms, we have developed a combined system that simplifies integration and reduces running costs. Our combined oxygen generation system (COGS) incorporates both an electrolyser and a gas management system into a single unit. This system is currently used on the UK’s Royal Navy Astute and Vanguard classes of submarine. 

Carbon dioxide removal

Our carbon dioxide removal equipment, known as CO2 Scrubbers, use a re-generable chemical to remove carbon dioxide continuously from the closed atmosphere of a submarine.

Our CO2 Scrubbers are modular design and construction with various sizes available, and variable  carbon dioxide removal rates, to suit requirements such as crew composition. TPG Maritime’s Scrubbers can mix the CO2 with Hydrogen for optimised gas management. We supply a number of navies from around the world with CO2 scrubbing equipment of varying capacities. For air-independent propulsion (AiP) submarine applications we offer a low power version of the scrubber.

Hydrogen elimination and management equipment

Our Low Temperature Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Eliminator converts CO and H2 to carbon dioxide and water vapour respectively by oxidising them over a precious metal catalyst. Unlike other catalyst used for this purpose, the specially formulated grade functions at ambient temperatures, and in the presence of water vapour, without being poisoned.

Our High Temperature Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Eliminator converts CO and H2 to carbon  dioxide and water vapour respectively by oxidising them over a Hopcalite catalyst at high temperature – typically in excess of 200°C. Our Proton Purifier produces ultra-pure hydrogen by the process of selective diffusion through palladium alloy tubing.

Services & other products

We offer a bespoke range of life support solutions for submarines to meet the requirements of navies across the globe – from supporting life on the Vanguard Class to the smaller classes of submarines. Our services cover bespoke engineering design & prototype development through to testing.

Our services

The services side of the business includes the work of our Managed Solutions and TPG Design & Technology teams. The business model is either project-based or on a daily rate charge which is consistent with most professional and technical service providers.

These teams provide sector-specific expertise that our customers often lack, or cannot afford on a full-time basis. The flexibility of our services, matched with availability and high technical quality, are the keys to success in this business.

The services provided are diverse and include:

  • Systems engineering – requirements capture and system architecture roles on complex operational system developments and implementations
  • Feasibility studies – exploring the technical, practical and performance options for new approaches to technology challenges
  • System design – 2D design and 3D modelling of systems and components for manufacture
  • Independent procurement support – technical advisers and process managers supporting the procurement activities on multi-billion pound information programmes

Through-life services

We are committed to providing outstanding customer support and service. Our highly trained and experienced staff provide end-to-end support covering:

  • Front end engineering design
  • Reliability engineering,
  • Maintainability engineering
  • Maintenance planning & support
  • Spare parts supply
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Condition Assessments
  • Refurbishment Services
  • Training & training support
  • Technical data/publications


TEXVENT™ is our unique patented total textile ventilation technology system for naval platforms – a natural, modern, and efficient alternative to/ or replacement for traditional hard ducting. It combines versatility with flexibility, creating a lightweight total textile distribution or transfer ducting system which is cost-effective, extremely quiet and easy to install.

This synthetic textile is manufactured using flame-retardant material, rigorously tested by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) the Italian classification society in accordance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Fire Test Procedure Code and Safety of Life at Sea
(SOLAS) regulations.

TEXVENT™ allows heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to keep pace with changes brought about by increased out-of-area operations, the higher thermal loads experienced when additional electrical equipment is fitted or as a vastly superior alternative to traditional ducting and distribution materials.

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Combining versatility with flexibility, creating a lightweight total textile distribution or transfer ducting system

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