Our market leading approach

CO₂RE, our new suite of CO₂ removal units, utilises the latest in compact technology and delivers improved safety with increased performance and efficiency.

Whilst our carbon capture capability was originally developed to help submariners breathe hundreds of metres below sea level, the application is suited to all sectors – from industrial applications and hypobaric chambers to small submersible vehicles and space craft.

Our designs minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges – making them quieter than their predecessors.

Advanced carbon capture technology

CO₂RE has been developed exclusively with Micropore whose market-leading patented technology delivers superior performance over existing granular adsorbents.

Our solution uses Micropore’s CO₂ adsorbent powder, formed into a cartridge to create a revolutionary CO₂ adsorbent system, which is widely used in rebreathing and life support applications.

Adsorption starts once a pre-determined CO₂ level is reached – further extending the adsorbent life and allowing your unit to remain on stand-by continuously. Further, the design of the internal adsorbent reduces the pressure drop meaning you need less power.

Smart technology that delivers

CO₂RE’s market-leading technology delivers a number of benefits including:
  • Greater efficiency: Our design means longer lasting, lower power
  • Performance: Designed with advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to optimise the performance of the CO₂RE units in CO₂RE removal.
  • More compact: Offers the latest compact technology for smaller, quieter units
  • Easier to operate: Sensors and LED provide quick easy to read indicators
  • Sustainability: Retrofitted to existing systems to improve performance – without impacting footprint
  • Accredited: CE marked, designed and built in a 9001 environment.
  • Customisable: Options include a choice of materials to optimise weight and performance; it can be combined with other filtration media to produce advanced habitation modules; and sensing and control technology is available to further improve performance and safety.

CO₂RE portable device

  • A portable unit based on a configurable modular chamber.
  • Can be configured for
  • hypobaric chambers, sealed command units, small submersible vehicles and  enclosed spaces
  • Choice of material to optimise packaging and weight

CO₂RE modular solution

  • Based on 3 cube modules
  • Designed for application across subsea, land, air and sea applications
  • Can be combined with other filtration media

CO₂RE bespoke CO₂ management solution

Bespoke solutions to suit a range of application spaces including fitment to conventional submarines deploying into submarine retro fit and new build programmes, as well as land, air or sea applications needing CO2 management.

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