Our team of highly skilled engineers can translate your requirements into detailed engineering specifications that we are then able to manufacture in our UK facilities to a very high standard.

We specialise in high precision manufacture, working with complex metallurgy such as Titanium, High grade alloys and other exotic materials e.g. hastelloys. Our manufacturing capabilities enable a variety of processes to be applied including metal fusion, machining and precise inspection.

We can assemble precise assemblies from small to large sizes using innovative methods such as laser alignment and exact fixtures – all bespoke and created to ensure high levels of quality control.

We work in highly regulated industries including Nuclear, Defence, Oil & Gas and aerospace; we are experts at producing components that meet very high levels of cleanliness, shock and vibration as well as conducting validation and providing appropriate certifications.

Thermal solutions

We are the UK’s largest designer, and manufacturer of TEMA type heat exchangers. Our focus is on delivering high quality thermal solutions, designed and manufactured for longevity to meet our customers’ requirements. 

Advanced manufacturing

We have invested in specialist teams and state-of-the art facilities and technology to deliver market-leading capability with a focus on safety, reliability and performance.


We have over 63-years of experiencing in delivering high-quality engineering solutions to customers across the world. We are proud to work to the highest national and international standards.

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