High Integrity Fabrication

We operate an integrated, efficient and high capacity metal fabrication centre with 7 overhead cranes up to 30-tonnes with a 15m span. This centre has a capability to take items up to 6m diameter or 26m long – and up to a weight of 120-tonnes

The facility has manual and automated advanced welding stations, sophisticated handling equipment, in-house machining facilities, and plasma cutting systems – linked to an on-site design office for thermal and mechanical design calculations using advanced software tools.

Electrical Assembly

One of our main capabilities is atmosphere control – providing a controlled environment for electrical assembly. We have our own ISO Class 8 clean room onsite which reduces the sub-micron particles and modifies inadequate environmental conditions. By ensuring that there is always a steady flow of air blown through, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to maintain a dust free environment at all times.

Non-destructive testing

Our in-house X-ray facilities (RT), with the provision for PT, VT, UT and MPI to name but a few, provides the complete assurance and documentation needed for your industry.