Our focus on a low carbon planet

tpgroup is looking to support the global community on this journey – from developing clean energy systems through to programme management and digitalisation.

Proven capability making a difference

For over 50-years, we have successfully manufactured and supported bespoke engineered electrolyser system solutions – with ultra-high reliability and class leading safety.

This includes electrolysers; thermal management, control and instrumentation; integration into other sub systems; and strategies for managing assets through their 30-year life.

Our focus is on bringing our experience and full range of capabilities to both integrate proven technology in new applications and optimise how it performs in the future – from pilot schemes to full scale programmes.

Our approach is to facilitate integrated teams – as a trusted partner – that can deliver the required programme from a greatly reduced carbon footprint to full decarbonisation.

Our hydrogen energy approach

We have successfully transitioned our heritage hydrogen system capability to new uses in the world of clean, renewable energy. Our capability means that we can generate clean fuel for trains or support critical operational vehicles operating remotely

Carbon capture

For over 40 years our engineers have been developing advanced carbon capture systems deployed in inhospitable environments. Our experts have safely and efficiently captured CO₂ from the atmosphere.

From design to manufacturing and deployment

We are primarily solution engineers and one of very few international companies with the experience to manufacture system-level hydrogen generation solutions. We have been working on static equipment solutions in the energy industry for over 75-years, and over 40-years with electrolyser systems.

We are unusual in that we combine technical and operational consultancy with a full spectrum of design, development, manufacturing, test, deployment and ongoing support. Our experience covers projects for the UK government and government agencies, as well as multinational organisations within highly regulated industries.

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