How our solution works

tpgroup’s solution seeks to utilise surplus grid energy or ‘green’ renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar panels, to power onsite large-scale systems which generate hydrogen and store the gas for conversion into other energy sources. This modular approach means it can be tailored to specific requirements as well as to the environment.

tpgroup’s proposed solution (see below) provides the capability to deliver up to 700 Bar high pressure pure H2 (not shown is extra available H2 storage if required).

Using its proven expertise in systems engineering and packaging, tpgroup can configure the hydrogen generation equipment to a customer’s requirements whilst delivering a rapid and dynamic response to the grid operators’ variations in energy generation output.  

Fully certified to CE or UL standards as required, these modular systems are designed with integrated control systems for seamless integration into a customer’s application and can be supplied for installation indoors or outside – for onshore or offshore.

Whilst the focus of hydrogen generation is on power to gas energy storage, it also offers a greener energy for vehicle refuelling, industrial processes and the backup power market – used in conjunction with fuel cells this provides a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

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