Advancing hydrogen for rail

Hydrogen is increasingly being seen as the ideal clean energy source to power trains – not emitting harmful gases or requiring overhead cabling infrastructure.

There are trials advancing the technology within the U.K, the most advanced of the hydrogen-fuelled train programmes being the University of Birmingham’s Hydroflex programme based at Porterbrook, Derby.

The challenge is how to safely and efficiently refuel hydrogen trains within the UK. The train operators are taxed with installing fuel cell technology into the UK’s trains, which are smaller than its German counterparts due to our rail heritage, or looking to safe depot or trackside based systems for refuelling.

TP Group’s solution

TP Group’s capabilities, experience and approach are very much aligned with rail. Our safety first culture from operating within highly regulated industries, such as nuclear, coupled with a 40-year’ heritage of generating hydrogen, makes us an ideal energy partner within the rail sector

Our solution seeks to utilise green energy in the first instance to power scalable rail side containerised solutions – using surplus grid power where this isn’t possible. This system generates hydrogen and stores the gas within specialised high pressure containers (up to 700 Bar) which enables fast refilling – up to 10kg per 250 litre tank.

Benefits include:

A range of hydrogen generation rates – configured to your needs  

Rapid, dynamic response to the Grid Operator’s variations in output

Co-located to the source of energy reducing transfer line losses and costs associated with large scale plants

Low maintenance and in-service costs

A simple operation

A range of options including long term availability contracts

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