Hydrogen heritage

tpgroup is one of the most experienced companies globally that can create system level electrolyser hydrogen generation solutions with relatively low barriers to entry.

Our capability goes back over 50-years in manufacturing and supporting bespoke engineered electrolyser system solutions – with ultra-high reliability and class leading safety. This can include electrolysers, thermal management, control and instrumentation, integration into other sub systems and strategies for managing the asset through its 30 year life.

Ahead of the market

Whilst hydrogen is still a relatively new energy solution in many markets, tpgroup has been active in the electrolyser market since the 1960’s. This work centred around creating alkaline electrolyser solutions up to 2MW – sold under the name of John Brown (CJB) into industrial applications. 

Our advancements around electrolysers has been recognised across the world from EU publications to NASA conferences. We have been producing papers since the 1970s and involved in pilots such as performance trials with the General Electricity Generating Board in the 1980s. 

Since this early start in the market, we have continued to develop the technology including extensive development work creating ultra-compact and highly reliable systems.

We now offer a range of PEM proton exchange membrane electrolysers – first finding series production applications installed in nuclear powered submarines where the oxygen is captured and used to keep submariners alive. The hydrogen in this application is captured, and through the development of our unique gas management system, the hydrogen is disposed of.

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