We have been developing, manufacturing and deploying advanced carbon capture systems into inhospitable environments for over 40-years – creating a range of solutions that use a number of different sorbents and efficiently capturing CO₂ from the atmosphere in a safe and reliable manner.

We work with industry to provide solutions to the capture of CO₂ from small to large-scale systems. Our ability to evaluate project requirements and transform those into bespoke solutions, using our in-house expertise, provides our customers with highly reliable systems that deliver value over many years.

Our carbon capture storage proposition

Our technology proposition includes the ability to design solutions using the latest developments in solid and liquid sorbents matching these to the application – enabling efficient removal of CO₂. Our specialisation is in integrating liquid stripping and membrane technology delivering advanced CO₂ system design that we validate and commission on site.

Our experts are highly experienced in coupling modular carbon capture and hydrogen production equipment together – creating the ability to blend CO₂ and hydrogen to form other compounds which may find uses in synthetic fuels for example.

We offer both regenerative systems for long lasting performance and cost effective consumable based systems for smaller scale CO₂ control problems.