Customised thermal solutions manufactured in the UK

Based near Manchester, UK, we design and manufacture high quality industrial heat exchangers and pressure vessels for applications within the nuclear, oil and gas exploration, refining, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries across the world.

We deliver a full heat exchanger offering – shell and tube, fin fan and air coolers – which are available with TPG Engineering Ltd. thermal design or customer drawings.

Our capability goes back over 50-years in manufacturing and supporting bespoke thermal solutions with ultra-high reliability and class leading safety. Many people will recognise our heritage brands such as Hunt Heat Exchangers, Wellman Hunt-Graham, Hunt Graham, Graham Manufacturing and Hunt Thermal Technologies.

Shell and Tube TEMA type heat exchangers

We are the UK’s largest designer, manufacturer and of TEMA type heat exchangers. Our focus is on delivering high quality thermal solutions, designed and manufactured for longevity to meet our customers’ requirements.

Extended surface heat exchangers

We can deliver the end-to-end project for extended surface heat exchangers from initial concept to full site installation for Fin Fan/Air Coolers and Dryers.

Thermal and mechanical design

We provide thermal and mechanical design and Mechanical re-evaluation services, for life extension, alteration to process conditions, retrofit and re-purposing applications. We can also evaluate the thermal performance of existing heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

Special projects

Our 63-year capability in designing and manufacturing heat exchangers has enabled us to build considerable experience in selecting the right materials and advancing new materials for long-term benefits to the customer.

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