TEMA type shell and tube exchangers

Our custom engineered TEMA type shell and tube heat exchangers are used across many industry applications for heating and cooling fluids.

TEMA sets the standard for heat exchangers and we are highly experienced in constructing these using advanced materials. We offer the most popular TEMA types including AKT, BEM, CFU, AES, AEP and AJW.

Designed and managed by thermal specialists

All thermal solutions are designed and managed through to delivery by our specialist teams of thermal mechanical engineers and project managers.

Each heat exchanger unit is built to your specifications – taking into account space requirements and coupling the best thermal performance with robust design to achieve the lowest manufacturing cost.

We can manufacture to maximum requirements of:

  • 26m length (3m minimum)
  • 20-tonne weight
  • 350bar pressure

Replacement tube bundles

In addition to new equipment orders, customers can require replacement bundles.

We work closely with our customers to understand the timeframe around this – we recognise that a rapid turnaround of replacement bundles is hugely important during refinery shutdown periods.

Downhole / ‘Backbore’ welding

We are the only UK manufacturing company able to deliver downhole/backbore welding required for manufacturing high pressure heat exchangers which are designed with a castellated tubesheet.

These are used within highly regulated industries such as Power Generation, within heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) or conventional boilers.

All tube end welded joints receive 100% x-ray inspection. Pre and Post weld heat treatment as required to achieve the hardness values required.

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