Rugged UPS products

Our MIL rugged UPS products are designed for use in extreme environments, including military COTS use, where a reliable, cost-effective solution is required. The M2000 series is part of our well established and field proven rugged UPS family, and can be built to meet customer environmental requirements.

UPS can be bought as individual units, or as part of a fully integrated system installed into a rugged transport case. Cases are IP65 when sealed, and benefit from a pressure equalisation valve, tough stainless steel or aluminium racking with sway-space to prevent contact with the outer container under severe impact, carrying handles and wheels, and anti-vibration shock mounts to provide shock protection in all orientations.

Westek 2U rugged UPS – M2000 series

The M2000 Series are suitable for use in aircraft, mobile and fixed land based systems, transportation, and naval environments where a reliable, rugged DC output is required. Temperature controlled cooling fans keep the unit running reliably in high temperature environments, and the rugged chassis protects batteries and vital electronics from excessive shock and vibration

Auto-ranging power input 100 – 265V AC

  • 28V DC output up to 80 Amps
  • 8 or 16 amp hours capacity
  • Rear rugged MIL power connectors
  • Sealed rugged long life battery pack
  • Rugged 2U chassis with optional corrosion resistant paint finish
  • IP53 splash proof design available
  • Wide operating temperature
  • AC fail and low battery alarms
  • Low EMC and EMI profile
  • Shock and vibration tolerant


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