It can be defined as any system where software influences, to a large extent, the design, construction, deployment, and evolution of the system as a whole. Software development projects aim to develop products and provide services – including hardware, software, and the assurance piece.

Software lifecycle support

We have a comprehensive development process, based on technical expertise and many years’ experience, in delivering a wide range of software solutions. This process addresses the full range of issues you will encounter and assists you in creating robust processes that will lower costs, minimise risk and mitigate project overrun.

This knowledge is delivered via cost-effective offload or consultancy depending on your needs to give you the right process-driven development framework. Our expert engineers have the knowledge, experience and approach to deliver high value consultancy.

System & module design, manufacture and integration

tpgroup has provided a number of innovative solutions within the following areas:

  • Multi-channel analogue & digital hard disk recording
  • Prototypes
  • Technical demonstrators
  • Cabling systems