We deliver domain leading Systems Engineering knowledge, skills and experience to support clients or take full responsibility for the delivery of outcomes. Our knowledge, skills and experience provide leadership and resource support – enabling our customers to make more timely and informed decisions.

Our services are delivered in accordance with Industry and Government best practice, including: ISO15288, ITIL, Six Sigma, TOGAF, Government Digital Service Standard.

Engineering planning & delivery

  • Provide engineering leadership to integrate, manage and deliver activities and products using assigned resources
  • Implements, manages and maintains the Strategy and Plan containing WBS, OBS and PBS
  • Reviews and re-sets the WBS, OBS and PBS throughout the lifecycle to ensure it is always effective and appropriate
  • Implements reviews across the system/service lifecycle to assess progress and the quality of output

Requirements engineering

  • SMART requirements definition, maintenance and management across the system/service lifecycle
  • Requirements elicited through full stakeholder engagement and a combination of: use-case/business process analysis, literature review, workshops, one-to-one interviews
  • Requirements fully justified and traceable, enabling rapid requirement trade impact assessment
    Requirements recorded using appropriate tools such as DOORS


  • Generate, analyse and support the selection of business, functional and physical architecture options
  • Describing target (‘to-be’) states and associated transition states (from ‘as-is’)
  • Architectures encompass people, processes, information and technology, and their relationships to one another and the external environment

Innovation & technology management

  • Planning, including TRL and SRL assessment, forecasting and road mapping
  • Planning and delivery of Concept Demonstrators to evaluate potential uses and implications of new technology in support of current and emerging operational concepts
  • Planning and delivery of Technology Demonstrators to evaluate and accelerate the maturity of new technology

Test, evaluation & acceptance

  • Progressively test, evaluate and accept the end solution across the lifecycle
  • Independent assessment of standard/specification/design to determine whether they are fully defined and implementable
  • Independent assessment of end solution’s conformance to standard/specification/design
  • Provision of Test and Reference facilities

Operational Support & Assurance

  • Monitor and assure the operation and maintenance of systems/services
  • Recommend and implement changes as a result of non-compliance (change of usage/environment, design or production fault)
  • Undertakes supply chain management, including provisioning and sourcing of consumables, spares and tools
  • Maintains configuration of the system/service

Case studies

tpgroup conducted an independent evaluation of the Land Open System Architecture (LOSA) Common Open Information – Land (COIL) standard to determine whether the standard was fully defined, demonstrably open, implementable and coherent with JSP604. Recommendations were made for improvements and how these should be addressed in order to complete the standard, such that it could  be incorporated into JSP604.

tpgroup were commissioned by Dstl to identify viable Catalytic Oxidation technologies and systems for removal of toxic vapours at temperatures of 150°C or lower. Working in conjunction with the University of Bath and the supply chain, the study identified a number of development areas such as Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and nanostructured catalysts, potentially suitable for use at 150°C. 

tpgroup provided specialist support to produce Service Requirements (encompassing Business and Technical) for the MCA £155M Radio Network Infrastructure Replacement (RNIR) Programme. The Service Requirements, including acceptance methods and criteria, were used by MCA during the tendering and contracting process.
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