Supporting our customers to deliver their goals

Our knowledge, skills and proven capability delivers the optimum technical and  engineering solutions – supporting our customers to achieve their goals.

We have been working as a trusted partner to our customers in the aerospace domain for over 15-years. We offer a full systems life-cycle capability from project inception to final flight qualification coupled with solutions using advancing technologies and world-class services.



We bring domain-leading knowledge, skills and experience to work within client teams and take full responsibility for the delivery of outcomes.


Supporting a wide range of aerospace programmes

Our programme experience includes:

We have developed a PC- based mission planning system to allow the entry and upload of tracks, points and waypoints including other mission artefacts and can provide download facility of entities for post-flight analysis. The mission planning systems was utilised across the Wildcat and Merlin helicopters.

We also developed aircrew, desktop and maintenance training equipment for the AW159 Lynx Wildcat helicopter simulators and the Merlin full motion simulators under the MLSP programme. This included the complete re-hosting of the aircrafts tactical processor to provide a fully functional model capable of execution within a simulated environment. Typical aircraft system simulators included AIS, Radar, IDM, ADRA used to provide simulated data inputs and functional equipment control.
TP Group provide Independent Verification & Validation of Mission Systems Software on Helicopter Platforms such as AW159 Wildcat, export variants of the Future Lynx Wildcat and the Merlin MLSP programme. We also conducted the IV&V from the development of critical mission system requirements at the digital drawing board stage through to their verification at flight trials. This included the development of ITEAP’s, QTP’s, VCRI’s and generated the body of evidence to support Release to Service (RTS) certification approval.

Supporting a safer airspace

Meeting the challenges faced by the aerospace sector, our services include full system procurements, airspace management, safety cases and regulatory support.

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We are helping the Government and regulatory bodies, both national and international, to keep pace with the rapid evolution of UAS operations and steer UAS regulatory development towards a common framework.

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