Our long heritage in supporting the maritime market means that we are constantly looking to new technology to support our customers – developing mission critical solutions that keep people safer whilst optimising performance and efficiency.

Life support systems

tpgroup’s market-leading life support systems has led to worldwide adoption from the UK nuclear submarines to many other diesel-electric fleets. Our technology, tested to the highest performance and reliability, ensures better air quality for personnel working in enclosed environments – hundreds of metres below sea level such as submarines, hyperbaric chambers, diving applications and small submersibles. Further, our designs minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges – making them quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect.

Complex systems engineering

Our Consulting and Programmes team provides systems engineering for complex military platforms such as submarines which rely upon a ‘single-point-of-truth’ model to capture and maintain a complex system design including hardware, software and firmware. We design, deliver and support new capability and critical applications through their operational life, assuring secure performance.

Rugged IT solutions

Recognising the challenges of communication and operations of military deployment in increasingly challenging environments, our Westek subsidiary produces a range of rugged IT solutions. This includes Westek’s high quality, high availability 19 inch rack mount military and industrial computer servers and RAID data storage systems. These are designed for the world’s most challenging environments, and are proven in meeting challenging military and security requirements.

Supporting underwater future capability

Read about how we can support the challenges faced by nations with submarine capability from improving current and future submarine fleet availability through affordability and equipment advancements.

Underwater Future capability

tpgroup looks to its proven capability and advancing technologies to meet future challenges.

Extensive capability

tpgroup has over 50 years’ of technical expertise and working knowledge of delivering technically advanced solutions in the most challenging environments both under and above the sea.

Our world renowned technical competences and capabilities  extend above and below the surface where our support to major primes and governments ensure delivery assurance and operational effectiveness for warship design, construction and maintenance.

We have continued to advance technologies and our world-class services to meet evolving requirements in a fast changing world.

Broad capability across the maritime market

Offers reduced pipework and increased energy efficiency
A flexible HVAC system that is an easy to install, cost efficient textile ducting system currently used on Royal Navy submarines and Type 23 Frigates
Expertise in re-engineering source code and documentation to integrate with other systems
Expertise in providing consultancy and software engineering services in the design definition and engineering development phases
Providing independent system assurance and new operational knowledge
Enabling secure transmission of permitted data
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