Transforming the way you work

Imagine using advancing technology to plan capacity and optimise the availability of critical resources; to make decisions – faster; or to generate optimal path planning autonomously.

Our digital solutions

Applied AI

Decision support solutions for complex and dynamic environments.

Critical software

Development and assurance of safe, secure and reliable software intensive systems.

Digital service delivery

Rapid development and deployment of digital services and their enhancement through continual service improvement. We provide embedded multi-discipline teams to deliver digital software and content on behalf of out customers.

Case studies

In the oil & gas sector, tpgroup is working with upstream producers to optimise the availability of critical resources, and therefore productivity. 

tpgroup has built a digital twin that reflects the production resources (e.g. operators, rigs, wells, spares, consumables, etc.) and the factors (e.g. increased demand, lead-times of spare parts, available transportation, etc.) that effect their availability and productivity.
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