Our software experts develop solutions trusted at the very highest levels of operation in defence, aviation, space and critical national infrastructure.

Whether you need rapid insertion of a specific new capability, an entire software system, or simply additional developer resource, tpgroup can help.

Collaborating with us can reduce your design, integration, test and evaluation times. For your mission-critical and high-integrity software needs, we have you covered throughout the entire software lifecycle.*

Software Solutions

Looking for a proven solution you can trust? We develop high-integrity mission and safety-critical software.
Our software engineering is based upon an agile, delivery-focused business model, which takes bespoke packages from inception to delivery.

We collaborate with customers to understand their requirements. Our verification approach includes simulation, emulation and digital twins to verify solutions, maximising confidence, whilst reducing whole-lifecycle costs.

It’s this level of assurance that makes us a trusted partner to our clients.

Software Consultancy

When it comes to supporting the development and implementation of your software approach, we’re here for you every step of the way. Our agile and collaborative delivery model is centred on providing expert independent analysis and advice across the project lifecycle. We identify and mitigate risks associated to time, cost, quality and performance. Whether you are looking for ad-hoc or full project support, our consultants are here to deliver the right solutions for you.

Software Assurance

tpgroup provides expert independent advice to support development of a software strategy and plan to deliver new/modified high-integrity, mission and safety critical solutions. tpgroup conducts independent reviews (of client and suppliers) across the system/service lifecycle to assess progress and quality of output – identifying risks associated with delivery to time, cost, quality and performance.

Software Safety

Development of modelling, simulation and emulation products to support verification and validation of new/modified high-integrity business and safety critical software across the system lifecycle.

Software Productisation

Do you have an innovative idea and require software support to bring it to fruition? We evolve ideas and proven concepts into market-ready products that are robust, supportable, user-friendly and fully compliant with regulations.

We provide digital test environments to enable our clients to prove their systems in the virtual-world, eliminating the time, cost and risks associated with real-world trials and validation.

Working closely with our customers to deliver the right solution, we use our extensive experience across domains and technologies to minimise risks.

Eager to bring your concept to life?

Open systems approaches

tpgroup generates a strategy and plan to adopt an open systems approach (OSA) that will realise an open, modular and scalable business and technical architecture. Such that cloud systems and services can be readily updated through evolutionary or spiral development, based upon changing requirements and/or the adoption of emerging technologies.

The role of critical software assurance is becoming ever more important.

*We’re fully compliant with all relevant quality, safety and regulatory standards, as well as international best practice, including: ISO 9001, IEC 61508, DO178C, IEEE, ARINC, MISRA. Additionally, our systems development facility is accredited to support sensitive projects.

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