Development and assurance of safe, secure and reliable software intensive systems.

Critical software Development

Development of high-integrity, mission and safety critical solutions on behalf of our clients. tpgroup’s software engineering is based upon an agile, delivery focussed business model, which takes bespoke packages from inception to delivery.

Test and assurance

tpgroup independently assesses third party high-integrity, mission and safety critical solutions to determine whether it behaves as intended, in accordance with defined standards and architecture, and identify any emergent risks and issues.

Independent Software consultancy

tpgroup provides expert independent advice to support development of a software strategy and plan to deliver new/modified high-integrity, mission and safety critical solutions. tpgroup conducts independent reviews (of client and suppliers) across the system/service lifecycle to assess progress and quality of output – identifying risks associated with delivery to time, cost, quality and performance.

Test & reference solutions

Development of modelling, simulation and emulation products to support verification and validation of new/modified high-integrity business and safety critical software across the system lifecycle

Independent safety consultancy

Independent expert guidance to determine whether safety requirements are appropriate and that implementation satisfies those safety requirements

Open systems approaches

tpgroup generates a strategy and plan to adopt an open systems approach (OSA) that will realise an open, modular and scalable business and technical architecture. Such that cloud systems and services can be readily updated through evolutionary or spiral development, based upon changing requirements and/or the adoption of emerging technologies.

The role of critical software assurance is becoming ever more important.

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