AoD is cutting edge patent pending software that produces dynamic risk aware optimised path planning for autonomous platforms – inspired by the academic technique of ant colony optimisation.

Constraints-based path planner

This innovative software adds value to any autonomous system or capability by generating optimal routes against multiple dynamic user defined constraints of specific vehicle characteristics, performance, fuel efficiency, time and cost.

It factors in the ever changing environmental elements, from forecasts or detected by on-board instruments, combined with input from mapping – to avoid any moving or stationary, mapped or unmapped obstacles.

Digital world building

At the heart of AntsOnDeck is digital world building. For instance in the maritime domain, any known data (such as maps, weather forecasts, and tidal streams) is fused together to create a synthetic environment.

Further inputs from on-board instruments – such as radar, LiDAR, sonar bathymetry, stereo vision, depth and cameras – are layered on top to give additional dimensions and a more rounded view of the surrounding environment. This produces an optimal path that it is possible for the vessel to navigate through.

Future application across multiple sectors

Our software can easily be utilised for other vehicle platforms across land, airborne, space and sub-surface applications within the commercial, defence, and emergency response domains.

Such a holistic planning approach also facilitates the simultaneous planning of multiple robots – de-conflicting and optimising their paths as a team. This enables collaborative exploration of the environment, for example in a disaster response mission or other hazardous situations such as offshore wind farms, oil rigs or a nuclear setting.

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