tpgroup is committed to delivering innovative and resilient solutions to meet our customers’ most pressing challenges – from reducing your carbon footprint to using advancing technologies to optimise equipment performance and safety.

Our understanding of your world, coupled with proven experience and expertise, enables us to be wholly solutions focused in meeting your strategic and operational targets.

Clean energy systems

tpgroup’s bespoke engineered electrolyser system solutions are being successfully developed to support a safer and cleaner world from hydrogen generation and storage to life supporting low carbon gas production.

Digital solutions

North*, an integrated technology suite, has been designed to solve complex problems across organisations within highly regulated sectors, such as  space and defence, that require autonomous navigation, collision avoidance, resource optimisation, intelligence analysis and asset management.

Rugged IT solutions

We make sure your world stays connected. We design and manufacture market-leading rugged IT solutions in the UK.  Our range of high quality, high availability rugged computer servers and RAID data storage systems are designed for the world’s most challenging environments.

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