tpgroup continually innovates. We undertake development programmes aligned to our technologies that are designed to push the boundaries of our systems and software as well as find ways to improve the performance and reliability and continue to generate value for our customers.


Ensuring business continuity in times
of crisis
Eclipse, our market-leading management software has been supporting many organisations through COVID-19. Read more

Montoring the earth’s climate
We are working on a new ESA project with Thales Alenia Space to better understand and monitor the changes in the Earth’s climate. Read more

Advancing renewables

We have supported over 900 wind farms overcome aviation issues. Find out more

Helping submariners to breathe below sea

We have advanced the technology that keeps submariners alive miles below the sea surface.

Supplying to fleets across the world, we bring world leading expertise in understanding both the technical and scientific applications as well as the tactical and strategic demands placed upon these vessels.

Find out more

Supporting the British Antarctic Survey

Osprey CSL, part of tpgroup, is supporting the safe delivery by air of people and equipment to the British Antarctic Survey’s (BAS) expeditions in the Polar Regions. Osprey is the appointed Aircraft Technical Advisor to BAS – providing a range of technical advisory services.

Advances in technologies

We are using proven engineering approaches and technologies to help energy sector organisations to meet environmental targets set in the Paris Agreement.

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