tpgroup continually innovates. We undertake development programmes aligned to our technologies that are designed to push the boundaries of our systems and software as well as find ways to improve the performance and reliability and continue to generate value for our customers.

The latest

Innovating for a greener planet
Our engineers are working with Brunel University to test biomass combustion
ash (BCA), widely available through
power stations, as an adsorbent in
CO2 capture.

Generating oxygen for critical care
tpgroup is investigating how its air management system technology could
be deployed onto a medical site to
provide oxygen for critical care –
particularly under peak load. Read more

Ensuring business continuity in times
of crisis
Eclipse, our market-leading management software has been supporting many organisations through COVID-19. Read more

When AI can help take the stress out of decision making

Technology developed by tpgroup has the potential to guide complex decisions relating to capacity planning and availability of critical care assets in the health sector. Read more

Advances in technologies

We are using proven engineering approaches and technologies from the submarine industry to help energy sector organisations to meet environmental targets set in the Paris Agreement.

Designing for demanding spaces

Our teams of thermal experts design and build each heat exchanger unit to your specifications – taking into account space requirements and coupling the best thermal performance with robust design to achieve the lowest manufacturing cost.

Innovation in large manufacturing

Investment in our precision engineering business to create a facility at the forefront of high specification engineering and assembly servicing defence, energy and aerospace markets.

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