Looking after our environment and communities

As an international technology and engineering organisation, we are mindful of the impact we have on individuals and communities.

Our reputation for operating responsibly and safely is critical as we go about our everyday business of supporting organisations within highly regulated industries. That’s why we are committed to working to high ethical, safety and environmental standards.

Business ethics

We seek to drive the right behaviours by forging a culture based on respect and responsible business practices – a culture that supports our people in making ethical decisions.

Our programmes are embedded in the business through our key business functions including health and safety, people management, environment and supply chain management.

Modern slavery and human rights

We recognise our responsibility for protecting the human rights of our employees and other individuals that we work with across
the world.

As part of our commitment to the highest ethical practice, we continue to review and strengthen our approach to human rights issues, including modern slavery, across our operations and
supply chain.

View our Modern Slavery statement.

‘As a trusted partner, we take our responsibilities very seriously from our people, and those they work alongside, to the countries and communities that we operate in.’

Manging our environmental impact

We recognise that we are at an early stage of our journey to net zero carbon and have made some steps forward.

Many of our businesses are accredited to ISO 14001, which is the environmental management system (“EMS”). The measures in place for the EMS system and associated external audits, ensure that these businesses do not damage the environment.

As part of our decarbonisation journey, we are currently engaging with external advisors to look at our carbon footprint across the Group and understand how we can offset this in a balanced way without impacting the performance of the business.

Furthermore, in the services we offer to our customers, we have successfully transitioned our heritage hydrogen system capability to new uses within markets looking to adopt clean energy power sources. For example:

  • Our capability means hat we can support the provision of clean fuels for trains.
  • We are also working with industry partners and academia to advance technology around carbon capture

In 2020, our work in the renewables area was recognised with the award of the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark.

Please click here to see the TPG Ltd Services Carbon Reduction Plan.

In 2020, our work in the renewables area was recognised with the award of the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark.

Investing in our communities

tpgroup is on a journey to improve our wider community engagement, and is committed to being a good neighbour in the communities in which we operate

As we strive to advance technologies for a safer world, we’re passionate about the importance of inspiring the next generation of future talent to continue this vision. That’s why we have developed our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Programme to support communities and learning centres.

Our working groups based within the territories that we operate are focussed on the following objectives:

  • Develop STEM Career Awareness
  • Identify and grow our STEM strategic partners
  • Determine further initiatives to support the UK STEM Programme
  • Provide effective internal & external communications

tpgroup is also a member of the 5% Club, an industry-led initiative to create a skilled workforce for the UK and improve career prospects for young people.

We  support the community through charities and initiatives – in 2020 our approach was shaped by the pandemic and saw us involved with the following:

  • Providing people and equipment to support a 24/7 programme, involving several organisations, to provide face shields to community care teams. As a result, over 13,000 health workers across the community have been better protected as they carry out their critical work.
  • Osprey Kids – an online STEM initiative that reached thousands of homes across ten countries to support STEM learning up to Key Stage 2.

We’re passionate about our colleagues across tpgroup inspiring the younger generation by sharing their knowledge of science, engineering and mathematics.

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