Safety first

How we do things matters to us. Our operations, services, products and behaviour can have a far reaching impact beyond our people.

A safety-first approach

We support customers operating within highly regulated industries, and delivering a safety-first approach in how we behave and work is critical. Our first priority is always about protection – protecting our people, those they work alongside, and the communities and countries in which we operate.

A safety-first culture

We achieve this through embedding a culture which addresses behavioural and cultural attitudes. We recognise that success depends on our people naturally observing and paying heed to safe practices in whatever they do. This is supported by regular engagement including training, weekly meetings, updates and a range of resources.

The work environment is constantly changing so we regularly review how we work to ensure it is the safest it can be. At all levels, we manage the risk to help prevent injury and cases of work-related illnesses.

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