Our history

In 2015 Corac Plc was renamed tpgroup. This significant rebrand recognised our trusted partner status to critical organisations that operate within highly regulated and challenging environments. We are proud of the trust we have built and a reputation for excellence in delivery.

This change also underpinned our vision to deliver a safer world – harnessing our world-class capabilities, forward-thinking teams and world-class reputation to deliver resilient solutions. 

Founded on technology

The organisation that we recognise today evolved from Corac – a Brunel University technology business set up in the late nineties. The company aimed to commercialise innovative research into frictionless bearings, used in compact radial compressors, and was listed on the AIM market in 2001.
Our 63-years heritage of seeking out the next generation of technology

In 2010, the leadership began to look for more commercial channels to stabilise and grow the business. Two companies were acquired from the Wellman Group: Wellman Defence with a 50-year heritage in delivering atmosphere management systems for submarines; and Wellman Hunt Graham with over 60-years’ heritage in manufacturing heat exchangers for downstream petrochemical industries.

These businesses added critical mass to the Group as we became a truly commercial operation.

A growing portfolio

We have continued to grow our portfolio of capability, focussed on technology and innovation, to reinforce our offering to our current and future customers.

This has included ALS Technologies Ltd and Flexible Software Solutions Ltd, Polaris Consulting Holdings Ltd, Westek Technology Ltd and Sapienza Consulting B.V.

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