A proactive approach

TP Group embraces supplier diversity, taking a proactive active approach to ensure that all relevant, potential suppliers have a fair and equal opportunity to compete for business within our supply chain. We work with our buyers to understand their priorities and social value commitments, and work to embed these priorities, and our buyer agreed equality and diversity processes, into our supplier relationships.

Supply Chain governance

Management of cyber security risks

We have measures in place to mitigate and manage cyber security risks within our supply chain. We actively engage with our supply chain to identify and build resilience against cyber security risks. We are committed to adopting the required technical standards and best practice for appropriate cyber security controls, holding Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations, (the UK Government schemes, devised with the National Cyber Security Centre), to ensure a high standard of operation of the secure management of electronic data. We comply with the Ministry of Defence ‘Cyber Security Model’ (Moderate level). All tpgroup’s IT Networks are registered on the UK MOD Defence Accreditation Registration Tool (DART).

Modern slavery and human rights

We recognise our responsibility for protecting the human rights of our employees and other individuals that we work with across the world. As part of our commitment to the highest ethical practice, we continue to review and strengthen our approach to human rights issues, including modern slavery, across our operations and supply chain. Our statements can be viewed at here.

Improving industry standards

We seek to help improve standards across our industry and set example for our business partners. We support initiatives by industry bodies, governments, NGOs and other parties that will address the key ethical issues affecting the sectors we operate in. We are active members of Aerospace and Defence trade associations.

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