Chloe Ainger

Chloe Ainger – Junior Consultant

Graduate Case Study: From BSc Mathematics to Practical Application

I completed my BSc in Mathematics with Honour at the University of Birmingham in 2023. Stepping into the world of work post university has been an exciting time! The move from largely theoretical academic work to projects with tangible real-world applications has been interesting. One of the highlights of joining TP group has been the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from a wide range of professional backgrounds, who are happy to share their wealth of knowledge and skills with me.

University attended:

University of Birmingham 

Degree obtained:

BSc Mathematics

The value of transferable skills:

Entering the defence sector involved a steep learning curve and taking in a substantial amount of information. My mathematical background and the skills gained during my studies were invaluable during this time. In particular, my critical and analytical thinking skills and the experience of managing multiple university projects and deadlines transferred well into my professional role, aiding in both organisation and time management. Recently I have been involved in a research project enabling me to apply my skills in mathematical modelling. This involved performing research to inform simulation inputs and conducting statistical analysis of simulation outputs, alongside creating decision analysis tools.

A seamless transition:

Receiving my job offer months before university graduation provided a seamless transition into the workplace. Meeting some of my future team members early on was incredibly beneficial, as it allowed me to receive answers and clarification on any questions I had and get a feel for the company and the environment I would be working in. The buddy system and supportive colleagues across various projects have been invaluable in me quickly settling into my role and have allowed me to continually learn.

My advice for Graduates:

For those about to graduate, I recommend exploring various career options through fayres and online courses. I found the Operational Research Society careers day particularly enlightening – it's where I first discovered TP group. Engaging in online courses and webinars not only helped in narrowing down my career options but also provided valuable talking points during the application process.

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