TP Group, an independent and solution-agnostic advisor, collaborates seamlessly with Strategic Command, enhancing synergy across defence elements. Our expertise in technology and strategic partnerships ensures cutting-edge advancements and innovation for defence capabilities.

TP Group brings a comprehensive grasp of the Defence operating landscape, positioning us ideally to collaborate with Strategic Command. Our goal is to enhance synergy among the British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, and other defence elements. This collaborative approach aims to boost the efficiency of UK military operations, fostering seamless coordination and knowledge exchange across the Front Line Commands (FLCs) and research establishments.

Our team, proficient in procurement, policy and delivery, operates as an independent, solution-agnostic adviser to the MOD. Notably, we've applied this skillset by playing a crucial 'Customer Friend' role in complex programs like Skynet and MDIS. Additionally, TP Group possess in-depth knowledge of both current and emerging technologies, understanding their nuances and relevance to Defence. This expertise enables us to guide future capability development aligned with Strategic Command's objective of keeping the UK at the forefront of defence innovation.

Furthermore, we can leverage the successful work of our sister company, Sagentia Innovation. This collaboration allows us to introduce novel solutions that have been thoroughly derisked and developed in non-defence environments, ensuring cutting-edge advancements for the Defence sector. Our aim is for TP Group to be a strategic partner of choice to Joint Command, committed to advancing Defence capabilities and fostering innovation.

Why TP Group?

  • Independent and agnostic advisor
  • Aligned with Strategic Command
  • Trusted customer friend to MOD
  • In-depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies

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