Defence Digital

TP Group ensures digital resilience with expertise in skills such as systems architecture, machine learning, and procurement support and deliver best in class solutions.

Partnering with our client Defence Digital, TP Group can lead the UK's defence transformation, integrating technology for enhanced efficiency and security.

In an ever more connected world where access to powerful hardware is easier and cheaper than ever, the frontline of Defence is the Digital domain and can be brought right to our doorstep. Defence Digital is responsible for leading the digital transformation efforts within the UK defence sector with its primary role to harness and integrate digital technology to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency, and security of the UK's defence capabilities.

TP Group's expertise and experience help our clients to build digital resilience so they can face the future with greater certainty. We recognise that the path to digital resilience requires a shift in approach from reactive to proactive digital security.

Our skills in systems architecture, cyber scenario generation, requirements elicitation, procurement support, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing can all be brought to bear to support our Defence Digital clients. This proven proficiency combined with our solution agnostic, supplier independent approach means we can offer a best in class multi-disciplinary solution to the most complex digital problems.

Why TP Group?

  • Depth of understanding of client’s needs
  • Expertise to develop and progress solutions quickly
  • Public sector experience spanning over 60-years
  • Next generation of technologies, helping clients to stay ahead of the curve and meet their challenges
  • Our solutions are developed to meet clients' exact requirements
  • Supportive approach ensuring successful solutions – from change management programmes to training support
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