TP Group collaborates closely with Land Command, in the delivery of sophisticated UK Defence capabilities. Our expertise spans military, economic, and political realms, ensuring informed, successful outcomes and strategic guidance on transformative technologies.

Land Command is entrusted with the responsibility of delivering a sophisticated array of capabilities for UK Defence, designed to function effectively both domestically and internationally, independently and in collaboration with allies and partners. TP Group serves as a close collaborator, actively contributing to the delivery of solutions throughout the CADMID cycle. Our teams possess a comprehensive understanding of the operational landscape, encompassing military, economic, and political aspects. Furthermore, we leverage in-depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies to provide Land with informed outcomes.

Our track record includes successfully supporting the delivery of complex capabilities within the constraints of time, cost, and quality across numerous Project Management Offices (PMOs). Additionally, we have played a key role in the procurement of strategic capabilities by offering guidance on cost, affordability, and approvals. Our advisory role extends to assisting the MOD in exploring future technological solutions, particularly in the realm of transformative autonomous systems.

Collaborating with TP Group ensures that Land benefits from a partner offering genuine insights and innovative strategies. We pride ourselves on being a transparent, solution agnostic and trusted Customer Friend, genuinely invested in the successful outcomes we contribute to achieving.

Why TP Group?

  • Work in close collaboration with Land Command
  • Proven track record of delivering complex capabilities
  • Agnostic and trusted Customer Friend
  • In-depth knowledge of current and emerging technologies
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