Weapons and materials

TP Group is a leading authority in the future of weapons combined with specialising in material science innovations. From advanced materials to additive manufacturing, our expertise ensures a strategic edge in modern warfare innovations.

The future of weaponry is intricately tied to advancements in material science, forming a critical nexus that is reshaping the landscape of defence. TP Group recognises the pivotal role played by cutting-edge materials in the development of next-generation weapons systems, and we specialise in navigating this frontier. Material science innovations, such as advanced composites, metamaterials, novel/additive manufacturing techniques and nanotechnology, are instrumental in crafting structures that are lighter, more durable, and possess enhanced performance characteristics.

These materials contribute to the development of future armaments, including smart munitions, stealth technology, and adaptive armour, fundamentally altering the dynamics of modern warfare. TP Group’s involvement and experience in hypersonics, laser damage, complex weapons, and the provision of an expert advisors to the Weapons Science Research Framework (and its predecessors) gives us unique insight into the future direction of weapons research. In addition our material science practice and PhD educated staff are able to offer expertise in their specialist fields, specifically applied to the defence arena.

It is the combination of these skills however that has far reaching possibilities for defence. By staying at the forefront of these innovations, we guide clients in adopting and adapting to these technologies, offering guidance to overcome challenges, ultimately ensuring they maintain a competitive edge in an era where the strategic advantage lies in the understanding of cutting-edge materials and their application to defence.

Why TP Group?

Holistic involvement:

With a proven track record in hypersonics, laser damage, complex weapons and expert advisory roles, we offer unique insights into the future direction of weapons research.

PhD-educated specialists:

Our material science practice is staffed by PhD-educated experts, ensuring in-depth knowledge applied specifically to the defence arena.

Strategic guidance:

TP Group's combination of skills, spanning innovation, adaptation and competitive edge maintenance, positions us as strategic partners, guiding clients through challenges in the dynamic landscape of defence technologies.

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