As part of TP Group, Osprey CSL, passionately advances aviation with safe, secure and sustainable solutions. We provide tailored operational, engineering, and safety practices trusted by industry leaders.

Osprey CSL, founded in 2006, embodies a profound passion for aviation, advancing it through safe, secure, and sustainable practices. As an aviation consultancy under TP Group, we offer a unique suite of operational, engineering, and safety capabilities in both civil and military domains. This breadth enables us to deliver the latest experience and best practices tailored to our clients' needs. Trusted by operators, system suppliers, government bodies, and regulators, our independence and professionalism ensure consistently high-quality outputs in this safety-critical sector.

Our services span consulting services and critical software solutions through to airspace management, safety cases and regulatory support for aviation customers:

Supporting a safer airspace

Meeting the challenges faced by the aviation sector, our services include full system procurements, airspace management, safety cases and regulatory support.

Consulting for space

We provide customer-side advice, analysis and assurance on costing, systems and technology for Space. We are currently working with the UK Government on a multi-£Bn UK military satellite project and providing satellite system and technology consultancy for commercial satellite constellation procurement.

Part of TP Group, Osprey CSL, is a leading aviation consultancy and you can read about their services here.


Why TP Group?

  • Dedicated consultancy for airspace regulatory & technical compliance
  • Comprehensive understanding of defence and civil sector
  • Experienced professionals with backgrounds from CAA, MAA, RAF
  • Passionate about aviation
  • Supporting safe airspace change

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