Emerging themes

TP Group possess specific pedigree, expertise and domain knowledge on some of defence's most important Emerging Themes and can leverage our multidisciplinary skillsets showcased within our Expertise pages.

Technical strategy

Our Chief Technical Officer, Dominic Černis, gives an overview of our technical strategy and how these emerging themes are closely aligned to the UK Defence commitments for the next 40 years.

In the dynamic landscape of defence operations, Autonomy emerges as a crucial force multiplier, fundamentally altering military strategies and reshaping the modern warfare landscape.
Within Submarine Engineering, as the UK engages in international defence collaborations, TP Group offers indispensable support and independent advisory services, driving innovation and enhancing interoperability to realise cutting-edge equipment.
In the realm of defence innovation, TP Group pioneers transformative change through its expertise in Futures and Concepts. Specialising in concept generation, assessment, and road mapping, we empower clients to shape the future of defence with informed, evidence-based decisions.
At the cutting edge of defence technology, TP Group possesses deep expertise in Weapons and Materials, and the intersection between the two, ensuring control in an era where understanding and leveraging the latest materials for defence applications is paramount.

Why TP Group?

  • Strategic focus on emerging themes
  • Expert support and independent advice
  • Experience of working at the cutting edge of defence technology
  • Empowering our clients to shape the future of defence
  • Deep knowledge across a range of capabilities
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