We provide multi-disciplinary materials science and engineering expertise enabling our clients to research, design, manufacture and manage capability through the product lifecycle. Our tailored solutions offer the flexibility our customers require when seeking outsourced teams, contractors or employees. We have experience working with industry and government organisations and the ability to provide independent and unbiased delivery of outputs, outcomes and benefits.

Specialist knowledge and expertise

The Material Technology and Research Practice is a team of multi-disciplinary specialists with academic and industry experience in materials science, mechanical engineering and product design. Our team members hold PhD qualifications in materials science and engineering and professional membership to the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.

Materials selection for design, manufacture and repair

The understanding of material properties and performance through a product lifecycle including design options, costs and alternatives. We apply this across a range of materials and environments, from benign environments used such as the breathable atmospheres in a submarine to more hostile environments experienced by military vehicles.

Product design for manufacture, assembly and disassembly

The design of products with the entire intended lifecycle in consideration, for optimisation of resource allocation and promotion of circular economy. This can be applied from mass, to batch, to bespoke production of components and assemblies.

Additive manufacturing and laser processing

Support in the design and fabrication of components by additive manufacturing including microstructural and defect characterisation, process parameter optimisation, and the development of novel methods to improve the quality of additively manufactured components.

Support in the design of laser processes and the understanding of laser-material interactions in laser processes such as cutting, drilling and selective laser melting.

Materials testing and characterisation

The production of test plans, specimens, accelerated testing, analysis and characterisation of physical and chemical condition through materials analysis methods and ISO standards. Support for test design and data analysis in characterisation involving scanning electron microscopy, electron backscatter diffraction, energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy and mechanical testing.

Materials management and assurance

The understanding of legislative and regulative requirements in the context of safety, environment and sustainability with the production of management plans, local business process, assessments (including non-compliance), auditing and risk mitigation.

Support in the development and application of digital tools to carry out tailored surveys, data base design, risk visualisation and horizon scanning.

Digital transformation in materials

Support to national synthetic Test and Evaluation (T&E) transformation programmes in supporting initiatives across government, industry, and academia including enabling technologies, supporting infrastructure and validation and assurance requirements.

Support to NATO initiatives on digital items representative of materials in defence supporting military capability and safety in service through tailored surveillance, data management, analysis and degradation assessments.

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