Jack Pottage


Jack Pottage – Junior Consultant

Graduate Case Study: Transition from Engineering Mathematics to Professional Consultancy
Academic Background:

I graduated from Bristol University in 2022 with a 2.1 MEng in Engineering Mathematics. The course had a focus on applied mathematics, including advanced modelling, data analysis, and visualisation, together with theoretical knowledge and practical applications in areas such as tool and simulation development. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and it also gave me a basic introduction to softer skills like system dynamics and technology road mapping.

University attended:

University of Bristol 

Degree obtained:

MEng Engineering Mathematics

Career Pathway to Consultancy:

On completion of my degree, I really wanted to find a role which would allow me to put my study to practical use. A consultancy opportunity arose with TP Group which fitted with my interest and experience in operational analysis, and particularly in modelling and data interpretation. The recruitment process was a seamless and positive experience from the submission of my CV to receiving a job offer within a week.

Professional Adjustment and Growth:

Working at TP Group there is a great work-life balance, so I soon transitioned from a university lifestyle into a business environment. Although I had to learn a huge amount of new information, I really enjoyed the collaborative culture at TP Group which allowed me work closely with people at all levels and was a completely different experience to the more formal academic structure I experienced at university.

Skill Development and Early Experiences:

The company's induction programme and the buddy system were key in my smooth transition into the professional world. I have been able to work on developing my soft skills alongside increasing my involvement in critical project work. I have also been able to undertake a variety of supportive tasks that have given me essential understanding of the industry.

First Project and Applied Learning:

My initial major project was a comprehensive application of my academic knowledge, particularly in modelling. It was great practical experience to develop my skills, especially in communication and project management. It confirmed that a career in consultancy is right for me, along with the importance of practical, hands-on learning in a work environment.

Guidance for Aspiring Graduates:

To graduates embarking on their career journey, I advise keeping an open mind regarding job applications. There are diverse roles and industries available for you to find role you will enjoy. Additionally, smaller companies can provide a more personalised approach to each application, which may potentially help to better match your skills and the job role.

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