Matt Whitnall

Matt Whitnall | Principal Consultant – P3M

Joining TP Group when I left the armed forces was a great move for me, I've had the opportunity to engage in a variety of dynamic areas, including working as a Project Manager in a Land Equipment Delivery Team, participating in the Veterans’ Community of Interest, and establishing the Sustainability Community of Interest. An exciting aspect has been embracing the digital transition and exploring new ways of working.

The transition into a civilian role came with its unique set of challenges and rewards. The biggest challenge was networking and the art of selling myself – a skill not often exercised in the military. Finding a new purpose and discovering what truly drives me in this different environment took time and introspection. The breadth of industries and opportunities available was eye-opening, leading to many 'lightbulb' moments as I explored various career paths.

However, the positives of this journey have been numerous and fulfilling. The support from fellow veterans was incredible; their guidance and understanding were invaluable. Joining TP Group has enabled me to work with a wide range of people across a number of fields which has been enlightening and enjoyable.



Length of Service:

25 years

Rank on leaving:

Squadron Leader

Last 3 postings:
  • DE&S, Air Domain Sustainability and Digital Transition 2020-22
  • MOD Main Building, Defence International Engagement (Asia-Pacific and the Americas) 2016-2020
  • Air Command, Capability Acquisition Development Programme 2015-16
Community support:
  • Active member of the Veterans’ Community of Interest group
  • Member of Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Many of the skills I developed in the armed forces have proven to be crucial in my civilian role. Punctuality, a seemingly simple trait, has been fundamental. My ability to focus and guide teams towards what's important, coupled with effective communication, have been vital.

Choosing to join TP Group was based largely on the positive interactions I had with the team right from the start; it felt right. The speed and clarity of their feedback, as well as the work environment they offered, stood out in comparison to other organisations. They were able to connect me with other veterans, which provided a sense of community and shared understanding which made the transition much smoother.

For those leaving the armed forces and venturing into new career paths, my advice would be to network extensively. Reach out to friends and colleagues, even if the connections seem distant. Remember, their time is valuable, so be focused on your queries. Be honest in your networking and interviews and keep a record of your experiences and feelings during these interactions; it’s a lot to take in, and these records can be incredibly insightful. Finally, remember that the first step doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s essential to take that leap into the new world that awaits.

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